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In the heart of Rohtak lies an esteemed institution that has been nurturing young minds and shaping futures …

Vaish College, Rohtak | Shaping Futures through Quality Education

In the heart of Rohtak lies an esteemed institution that has been nurturing young minds and shaping futures since its establishment in 1946. Vaish College, affiliated with Maharshi Dayanand University and operated under the aegis of the Vaish Education Society (VES), stands as a beacon of education and excellence. This government college has not only been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) but also boasts a rich spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the fields of Science, Arts, and Commerce. This article delves into the highlights, courses, admissions, placement, scholarships, faculty, and facilities offered by Vaish College, Rohtak.

Vaish College Rohtak Highlights

  • Established: 1946
  • Affiliated to: Maharshi Dayanand University
  • Approved by: UGC, New Delhi
  • Admission criteria: Merit-based
  • Admission mode: Online
  • Official website: http://vaishcollegerohtak.com/

Vaish College Rohtak Courses

Undergraduate Courses

BAIntermediate graduate with at least 33% marks in aggregate for admission to B.A. Sem I, 40% marks for B.Com. & 45% marks for B.Com. (Hons.)
B.Com (Pass)
B.Com (Honors)
B.ScDiploma in Pharmacy Course (for B.A./B.Sc.) OR 3-year professional diploma programs without passing English and Hindi subjects at 10+2 level

Postgraduate Courses

M.ComB.Com. (Hons. / Pass) BBA or B.A. with Economics/Commerce Marketing/Insurance as a subject
M.ScPhysicsB.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics/B.Sc. (Pass) with Physics and Mathematics as main subjects
ChemistryB.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry/B.Sc. (Pass) with Chemistry as the main subject
MathematicsB.A./B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics/B.A./B.Sc. Pass with Mathematics as one main subject

Vaish College Rohtak Admissions

Admission to the diverse range of courses offered by Vaish College Rohtak is solely based on merit. Aspiring candidates must satisfy the eligibility criteria for their desired course. The college’s admission process is conducted online through the Higher Education Online Admission web portal for colleges in Haryana. The procedure includes:

  1. Registration and submission of the application form on the web portal.
  2. Counselling and document verification at the college campus during the allotted time.
  3. Allocation of seats based on availability.

Total Seats Available for Undergraduate Programs

CourseTotal no. of seats
B.Com (Pass)160
B.Com (Hons)40
B.Sc (Non-Med)160
B.Sc (Non-Med) Computer Science60
B.Sc (Non-Med) Electronics60
B.Sc (Med)80

Total Seats Available for Postgraduate Programs

CourseTotal no. of seats
M.Sc (Physics)30
M.Sc (Chemistry)30
M.Sc (Mathematics)40

Vaish College Rohtak Placement

Vaish College Rohtak takes pride in its remarkable placement record, which is a testament to its commitment to producing well-rounded and job-ready graduates. Throughout the three-year course, various companies make their way to the campus, offering students opportunities for internships and placements. Students have been placed not only within Rohtak but also beyond, depending on the hiring organizations. Notable recruiters include TCS, Reliance, Share Khan, and more.

Vaish College Rohtak Scholarships

The college extends support to economically disadvantaged students through scholarships. Meritorious students are also acknowledged and rewarded under the Merit-cum-Means scholarship program and other similar initiatives. These scholarships reflect the institution’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting educational excellence.

Vaish College Rohtak Facilities

The college’s infrastructure is designed to cater to the holistic development of its students. It offers a range of facilities that contribute to a conducive learning environment:

  • Computer Labs: Equipped computer labs provide students with resources for assignments and research, accessible 24/7.
  • Library: A well-stocked library supports student projects and research endeavours.
  • Sports: The college encourages physical fitness with its gym, playground, and sports clubs.
  • Career Facilities: Counseling services assist students in making informed post-graduation choices.
  • Hostels: Separate hostels for boys and girls provide comfortable accommodations.

For those seeking a transformative educational journey, Vaish College, Rohtak, stands as a testament to quality education, holistic growth, and a promising future.

Nurturing Minds, Enriching Lives

Vaish College Rohtak has been a catalyst in shaping the academic landscape of Haryana and beyond. With its rich history spanning over decades, the college has consistently provided a nurturing environment for students to explore their potential and pursue their passions. The affiliation with MDU, Rohtak, further solidifies its commitment to delivering quality education.

A Wide Array of Programs

The college offers a diverse range of undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs that cater to a spectrum of interests. From the arts and humanities to the sciences and commerce, Vaish College Rohtak ensures that students have ample opportunities to delve into their chosen fields and acquire knowledge that is both comprehensive and relevant.

Leadership that Inspires

Under the astute leadership of Dr. R.K. Gupta, Vaish College Rohtak has flourished as an institution dedicated to academic excellence, research, and holistic growth. Dr. Gupta’s vision for the college has paved the way for innovative teaching methodologies, fostering an environment where students are encouraged to think critically and creatively.

A Strong Support System

Located in the heart of Rohtak, the college provides a supportive ecosystem that includes modern infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, a resource-rich library, and a dedicated faculty. The college’s affiliation with MDU, Rohtak, adds a layer of credibility to its programs, ensuring that students receive an education that is recognized and respected.

Contact and Connect

For inquiries, admissions, or to explore the numerous educational avenues offered at Vaish College Rohtak, you can reach out through the following contact details:

Vaish College Rohtak continues to stand as a testimony to the transformative power of education, preparing students for a future that is both prosperous and purposeful. With its rich history, accredited status, and commitment to academic excellence, the college remains an educational hub where dreams are nurtured and futures are forged.

Courses Offered and Fee Structure

CourseDurationDegree TypeFee per YearTotal Fees
Bachelor of Arts [B.A]3 YearsFull TimeRs. 15,000Rs. 45,000
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com]3 YearsFull TimeRs. 15,000Rs. 45,000
B.Com {Hons.}3 YearsFull TimeRs. 15,000Rs. 45,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]3 YearsFull TimeRs. 15,000Rs. 45,000
MA (Mathematics)2 YearsFull TimeRs. 21,000Rs. 42,000
M.Com2 YearsFull TimeRs. 21,000Rs. 42,000
M.Sc (Mathematics)2 YearsFull TimeRs. 21,000Rs. 42,000
M.Sc (Computer Science)2 YearsFull TimeRs. 21,000Rs. 42,000

Nurturing Excellence: Faculty at Vaish College Rohtak

Vaish College Rohtak boasts a dedicated faculty that plays a pivotal role in nurturing and shaping the academic journey of its students. Led by Dr. R.K. Gupta, the college’s Principal, the faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their respective departments. Here are some of the esteemed faculty members:

  • Dr. R.K. Gupta: Principal
  • Mr. R.A. Bhardwaj: Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Prof. Geeta Gupta: Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Dr. Dinesh Rani Bansal: Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Mr. Rajal Gupta: Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi
  • Mr. Ram Partap: Associate Professor, Department of Sanskrit
  • Mr. D.P. Goyal: Associate Professor, Department of Physics
  • Mr. M.S. Sheoran: Associate Professor, Department of Physics
  • Mr. A.K. Bansal: Associate Professor, Department of Botany
  • Mr. Vikas Chahar: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Mr. Phool Singh: Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
  • Dr. V.K. Mittal: Associate Professor, Department of Commerce
  • Prof. Anju Singla: Associate Professor, Department of Commerce

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Vaish College Rohtak a government institution?

Yes, Vaish College Rohtak is a government college established in 1946

2. What is the admission criteria for courses at Vaish College?

Admission to courses at Vaish College Rohtak is merit-based.

3. How can I apply for admission to Vaish College Rohtak?

You can apply for admission online through the Higher Education Online Admission web portal for Haryana colleges.

4. What are some notable recruiters that visit Vaish College Rohtak for placements?

TCS, Reliance, Share Khan, and other companies are among the notable recruiters.

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