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University students who do daily up-downs and do not get a hostel for any reason, then they have …

Student Bus Pass Mdu University Rohtak, How To Apply

University students who do daily up-downs and do not get a hostel for any reason, then they have to travel a long way from their home to the university, due to which the cost of their ticket becomes very high. And they think a lot about overcoming their expenses, so MDU University has provided the facility of bus passes to the students.

They can reduce the cost of a full ticket for the month by making their own bus pass. The price is less than the cost of tickets for the whole month. so that the students do not have much trouble coming and going, and their expenses are also saved.

Students have many questions like, do we get a free bus pass for student? Is there any bus pass online apply? Or can we apply the online bus student discount? A student transport card, and student transit pass. All the queries are answered in this article.

What Is Student Bus Pass?

With the help of a bus pass, you can travel from your home to your university without a ticket. In the beginning, you have to pay some fees for the bus pass, which are less than the cost of your entire month’s ticket. After making the bus pass, you will get There is no need to buy tickets again and again. There are many benefits to a bus pass, and the details of how to get one at universities are given in this article. The student bus card, or student transport card, and the student bus pass are both the same thing.

The benefit of a student bus pass from MDU

  • The cost of a bus pass made from MDU is less than a bus pass made from a bus stand.
  • One has to spend only once a month to get the pass
  • Get rid of the hassle of buying tickets again and again
  • Travel from home to university becomes easier
  • If you want, you can make a pass for the whole year by paying money.

The main advantage of a student bus pass is that, after paying the monthly or yearly costs, you may stop purchasing tickets for each trip you take. The fact that the given bus passes are priced more affordably than regular passes is another perk of the student bus pass. For students, bus passes make transportation convenient and affordable.

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Steps to get year on Bus Pass

It may take a few days for you to get the student bus pass from your university because to get the bus pass you have to get many signatures, such as from the head of the director and the director of your university or department. then the form that you have goes to the Dean Students Welfare Office and only after approval, you get the student bus pass. you can also get your bus pass by following some of the steps given below:

Step 1

First of all, you have to download the bus pass form by clicking on the button given below.

Step 2

Now you have to fill in all the details asked in the form, which is your name, your father or husband’s name, your department, class, roll number, your address.

email id, contact phone number, and by which route you want to go, first time- bus pass number, second-time time bus pass number.

Step 3

In this step, now you will need your passport-size photo, you have to paste this photo on the top on the right side of the form or paste it inside the box given inside the form.

Step 4

Now you have to get the head of the director of your department to sign this form and verify that the distance from your home to the university is as per the guidelines of the university.

Step 5

Now you have to get the stamp of the director of your department at this time and his signature on the form.

Now after completing this form, you have to go to the Dean student’s welfare office and submit the form there, after a few days you will get your own student bus pass so that you can travel by bus from your home to the university.

Do we have to fill form every month to get a bus pass?

To get a bus pass, you will have to fill out the form every month because you can speed up your process by filling in the last bus pass number asked inside the form so that your bus pass will come quickly. You can make a bus pass for the whole year by filling out the form only once, in this your money will also be saved and you will not have to fill the form again and again.

Any student can apply for a bus pass, just one thing has to be kept in mind the student does not belong to the hostel or he could not get the hostel due to any reason. the distance from his home to the university should be within the university guideline, Which is more than 35 kilometers, if you follow all these guidelines, then you can also make your own student bus pass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can make a free bus for student pass?

no, you have to pay some fees.

2. Do we get a bus student pass discount?

Yes you have to pay less money for the bus pass made at MDU University

3. Is the pass made inside MDU University also available for National Express?

No with a student bus pass only, you can travel from your home to the university

4. Is a student bus pass free?


5. Can a hostel student apply for a student bus pass?


6. Can I apply online for a student transit card?


7. How can I get the form for a bus pass?

Download from the given link in this article.

8. What is the validity of the student bus pass?

1 Month Or 1 Year

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